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Our Team

Jason Stone and Casey Hatcher offer a combined 20 years of experience and work hard to build a reputation of integrity, service and compassion.

Jason Stone, CFP ® has been in the financial services industry since 2008. Jason earned degrees in both Management and Finance from California State University Long Beach. Jason has been a member of numerous networking groups and organizations, and is a founding member of BNI Playmakers. He is now the Chairman of the Board for Comprehensive Child Development in Long Beach, a non-profit organization that specializes in early childhood education and support to families. Jason is married with three kids, Landen, Avery and Owen.  In his free time, he is a sports nut and passionate about service to others.

Casey Hatcher, CFP ® has been in the Financial Services field since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Affairs from California State University Long Beach and is focused on helping clients reach their financial goals by providing personalized, knowledgeable advice in many investment products. Casey believes success should be measured not just by your financial well-being, but by how confident you feel about your future. His mission is to help you reach your financial goals through a personal relationship based on personalized, knowledgeable advice. This focus is designed to help you reach your goals, giving you greater confidence. A native Californian, Casey enjoys bowling and car restoration.

YOU are the most important part of our team. We are confident that you will learn about attaining financial goals through our work together.

We have chosen to align our company with Crown Capital Securities, L.P. (CCS) and Barth Financial Advisors because of their belief in creating an environment that helps Advisors find the right solutions for clients.

Crown Capital Securities

Crown Capital Securities, L.P., Member FINRA/ SIPC, is a full service independent broker/dealer offering a wide array of general securities, investment products and insurance services.

With Investment Professionals throughout the U.S., Crown Capital Securities’ main objective is to provide them with the best products and services available in the financial services industry so that they can successfully service their clients’ needs.

Barth Financial Advisors

Stone Hatcher Financial has made a strategic decision to align our company with Barth Financial Advisors. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Barth Financial Advisors is their ability to offer a team of highly trained attorneys, paralegals and accountants.

How Our Relationships Benefit You

Crown Capital Securities’ and Barth Financial Advisors’ missions and visions are similar to ours. Crown Capital Securities and Barth Financial Advisors share a philosophy that puts the client first, we can more easily realize our vision of being a quality financial service firm that you can use to help you potentially achieve your dreams.

Further, by aligning ourselves with Crown Capital Securities and Barth Financial Advisors, Stone Hatcher Financial can offer a broad range of financial products and services:  general securities, investment products and insurance services.